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Northampton Blue Community

June 1, 2017: The Northampton City Council approved the Blue Community designation for Northampton.  Here is the resolution:

R-17.311 A Resolution To have Northampton, Massachusetts Become a Blue Community and in Support of Clean and Safe Water in Massachusetts

click to read or download the resolution

About a year earlier, in May 2016, Northampton passed a rule that bans privatization of its water systems. 

Here is an article about the rule from MassLive

Northampton Code Chapter 325 Article 1

Public ownership and control of water resources. [1]

The public water resources and infrastructure of the City of Northampton, including systems and facilities related to the supply, storage, treatment and distribution of water, shall be owned or leased by the City of Northampton and controlled by the City of Northampton. Such resources and infrastructure shall not be sold, leased or transferred into private ownership or control.

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